Why do we assess:

Every semester Lincoln University collects student works for assessment, an anonymous review of student works aimed at identifying strengths and weaknesses of LU programs as well as the degree of achievement of student learning outcomes (SLOs).

Results of learning outcomes assessment have no influence on your grades. The review is done anonymously and private information is not shared with your course instructors. Please be as honest as possible, when responding to the questions of the learning outcome assessment form as it will help LU improve the quality of teaching and learning.

How to submit: 

  1. If your course is selected for assessment, identify which learning outcomes are assessed (see syllabus or ask your instructor).
  2. Identify which assignment is used for assessment (see syllabus or ask your instructor).
  3. Click on a relevant link from the list below (please pay attention to the name of the program).
  4. Follow the instructions of the submission form.

Note: Submission of works for assessment is due one week before the last day of the semester (see LU Academic Calendar). Your semester grades will not be released unless the work is submitted for learning outcomes assessment.


General Education for Business Administration and Diagnostic Imaging:

HIST 10 – World History (Dr. Anokhin)

GELO 1/2/5: Written Communication / Verbal Communication / Problem-Solving


MATH 10 – College Mathematics (Prof. Sanford)

GELO 3: Quantitative Skills 


HUM 30 – Introduction to Philosophy (Dr. Tolossa)

GELO 4/6: Information Literacy / Ethics


PSYCH 10 – Fundamentals of Psychology (Prof. Stamatakis)

GELO 7: Broad Knowledge


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration:

BA 255 – Entrepreneurial Management (Dr. Ashurov)

PLO BA1/3: Knowledge of Business Principles / Communication Skills


BA 175 – Industrial and Organizational Behavior (Prof. Loh)

PLO BA2/4: Problem-Solving / Analytical Skills


BA 19 – Business Ethics (Dr. Tolossa)

PLO BA5: Ethics


Bachelor of Arts in Diagnostic Imaging:

PLO BS1: Knowledge of UT 

PLO BS2/3: Use of Technology / Clinical Procedures

PLO BS 4: Communication Skills


Master of Business Administration:


BA 320 – Organizational Behavior and Administration (Dr. Bogue)

PLO MBA1/2: Applied and Theoretical Knowledge / Problem-Solving


BA 390 – Business Strategy and Decision-Making (Dr. Burak, Dr. Anokhin)

PLO MBA3-6: Communication Skills / Autonomous Professional Practice / Leadership Skills / Ethics


Master of Science in International Business:


BA 416 – International Management (Dr. Germann)

PLO MSIB1-4: IB Management / Knowledge of IB / Problem-Solving / Quantitative, Qualitative Methods


BA 490A – Business Strategy and Decision-Making for International Business (Dr. Anokhin)

PLO MSIB 5:  Communication Skills


Master of Science in Finance Management:

BA 490B –  Business Strategy and Decision-Making for Finance Management (Dr. Burak)

PLO MSFM 1-5: Finance Management / Knowledge of Finance / Problem-Solving / Quantitative Methods / Communication Skills


Please do not hesitate to send an email at aanokhin@lincolnuca.edu in case of any issues or concerns.