As detailed in the Lincoln University (LU) Faculty Handbook, the school has an established faculty-led process of program level assessment aligned with WSCUC requirements.

Faculty leadership is implemented on three levels: general (represented by the Lincoln University Faculty Association), departmental, and course-specific:

  • General:Lincoln University Faculty Association (LUFA) serves as a forum directly representing faculty in all matters including assessment procedures and methods.
  • Departmental:The insights generated during assessment process are discussed during the Department Chairs Meeting.
  • Course-specific:Being specialists in their fields, individual faculty members are tasked with the development of the approaches effective for their specific courses.

The Course Learning Outcomes Matrices Reference Bookhas been created by Lincoln University Faculty Association to coordinate the assessment work on all three levels through the alignment of CLOs, PLOs, and ILOs. Together with the LU Learning Outcomes Assessment Handbook, these two documents serve as a knowledge base for faculty to ensure shared understanding and active engagement in the process of learning outcomes assessment.

Additionally, LU faculty learning community titled “Assessment of Student Learning” provides faculty with an opportunity to discuss their experience with assessment, participate in workshops as well as to experiment with different approaches to learning outcomes assessment within their course.