The area of faculty development has received increasing attention from both the administration and accreditation. The emphasis has been in two areas:

  1. Providing the teaching staff with opportunities for growth through attendance at in-service workshops. Lincoln University has been conducting workshops on the general themes of different modes of learning, students’ cheating and honor code, academic leadership, etc.
  2. Allocating of funds for membership in professional associations, attendance at conferences and enrollment in courses, seminars and colloquia, which enhance faculty teaching capabilities and knowledge of the subject. Currently up to $600 are annually available for academic development of the university faculty members. The purpose of the fund is to enable part-time and full-time instructors the opportunity to engage in projects and seminars, etc. that promote their professional growth and to advance the interests of the University. The fund is used for reimbursement of paid receipts. All full-time instructors are eligible to apply. Normally a part-time instructor must have taught for two semesters at Lincoln University before being eligible to apply for the fund. The application form is given to the Provost for approval. Each faculty member is asked to write a brief report on the conference, seminar or other paid activities.