The term Chair refers to Department Heads, Directors of Programs, and also to program coordinators. Appointment to these positions is for an indeterminate period of time. The Chair reports to the Provost. Responsibilities of the Chairs include the general organizing and developing of instruction within the department concerned, the conducting of departmental meetings, and participating in recruiting faculty members. Also, the Chair serves on all academic committees of the University. The faculty is organized departmentally with a line of authority from Department to the President. Departmental Chairs are responsible for the standards of instruction in their departments, curriculum development and student advising. Departmental Chairs are selected by the administration and serve on a continuing basis.

The President is responsible for the final selection of faculty members. This process includes working closely with the Provost and Department Chairs. Also in cooperation with the Chairs, the Provost, Vice-Presidents, and Deans are charged with academic evaluations and academic standards in general.