Below are six online seminars from Magna Commons selected for faculty in-service training in 2018. Magna Commons is an online, cloud-based professional development resource, offering 60-minute  seminars with actionable information on an array of topics for higher education faculty and administrators.

Access instructions: Links are provided below. You do not need a login and password on campus. If you need remote login credentials, please contact Lincoln University Library.



Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity

Discover concrete practices you can use right away to communicate expectations clearly for student ethical conduct, which are much more effective than spending time trying to catch cheaters after the fact.


Build International Student Success with Intercultural Awareness

Examine the three primary worldviews and cultural dimensions and increase your intercultural savvy. This increased awareness will help you teach in ways that better include and support culturally diverse students to improve your teaching effectiveness and further your students’ success.


Strategies for Making Lectures More Active, Engaging, and Meaningful

Participants will learn a series of low-risk, very easy to implement strategies, tips, and tools that they can implement to make their lectures more student-centered and engaging in order to promote higher level learning.


Four Common Teaching Traps and How to Avoid Them

Discover how to recognize misalignment, expert blind spot, content overload, and over-identification.


Creating Critical Thinkers in the Information Age

Learn to be more mindful of how to critically access information. You will gain a toolbox of skills to apply to your own information use as well as that of your students.


Aligning Student and Faculty Perceptions of Rigor

Gain strategies to help you expand students’ concept and definition of learning, get students thinking about how they learn, and promote self-directed learning.